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Opening up, allowing yourself to receive divine love energy flows.

A group of divine beings, ascended masters, siddhas, sages and gurus, began appearing in my meditations in January 2011. It is my understanding that they have mastered all there is to be learned on this planet and now wish to combine their energies as a group to gift the planet with what I am calling a “download of divine love” for the purpose of helping those of us still struggling here on planet earth.

Teachings of the Masters is a compilation of healing, balancing and meditation techniques gifted to me in my personal meditation practice by these masters. Their words of insight are inspirational, simple and easy to follow.

You will be guided by information presented here to get you started on your own inner journey of discovery. Participate in the readings, activities and guided meditations, allowing for periods of deep silence. Follow your own inner guidance – this is much more important than anything you may read or hear me say.

Create a sacred space for your spiritual work where you can allow yourself to be open to receive exactly what you need at this moment. A beautiful setting with flowers, rocks, incense, oils, photos, a special blanket or pillows – a quiet, comfortable atmosphere where you will not be disturbed. Keep a journal by your side to jot down insights as you receive them while they are fresh on your mind.

While listening, reading or watching these lectures, participation in meditation and introspection workshops and in your own personal meditation, you will be gifted in many ways. You will receive this divine love energy in the manner that is best suited to each of you individually – hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing – consciously or unconsciously.

What do we mean by “divine love energy”? These terms attempt to convey that which cannot be conveyed easily by words alone such as waves of sound or light, vibrating, moving particles – directed by the life force energy of creation, God, the source, universe, Divine Mother, creator, Holy Nam, the stream, the Sat (center of everything). Powerful, pure, unadulterated, untainted love.

Think of this healing vibration of divine love entering into the place where you are now – from ceiling to floor, from head to toe, from heaven to earth. You may experience these vibrations as intense, peaceful, calm or subtle. Know that however you are perceiving this energy it is for your highest good – directed by the divine part of you, your Divine Self, your soul, that immortal part of you – that existed before you were born into this life and existing after you leave this body.

As this energy builds and moves through you it begins to have an effect on your current energy state, your cells, the particles of your being. They speed up and throw off particles of lower vibration to be cleaned and cleared. As these lower vibrational particles “dross” leave, you are creating space in your being for this divine light and love to fill. Your cells begin to tune to a higher vibration.

You may find it helpful during the meditation sessions to inhale at the top of the head, “I am open to receive” and as you move the divine energy through your body, exhale, “I release and let go” sending the energy down the legs, out the feet and into Mother Earth.

As particles/old energy patterns leave, the spent energy will be reabsorbed into Mother Earth or lifted up into the golden light of Christ to be dissolved, recycled, and reused for a higher purpose.

So now tune in to your body. Move your consciousness, your awareness, into your head, neck, torso, and arms, moving on down through your body. Do you feel tight or relaxed? Is the energy flow light or heavy? Do you see light or darkness? Is your energy clean and clear or muddy and sluggish? Compare what you are experiencing now with the way you perceive your body later after working with this divine love energy for a while.

The spiritual work that you do is very individual, personal and private for you alone. There is no need to censor what you are getting, no need to organize your thoughts in order to explain them to anyone else. Just allow, experience, receive, be open.

Don’t be put off by my lingo. Substitute words that have meaning for you.

Take care of yourself during the process. If things get too intense for you, ask for the energy to decrease a little so that you can calm down. If the energy is too subtle, ask for it to increase and be made known to you in a way that has meaning for you so that you can experience it fully. During the process if you feel the need, take breaks, eat food, drink water, rest, cry, go for a walk, take an epsom salt bath, or do whatever is best for you. Treat yourself gently and lovingly.

Make a commitment inside to be willing to be open to connecting to your Divine Self, your soul, your personal council, and receive what your guidance has in store for you today. It may be conscious or unconscious – you may be aware or unaware of the content.

You may have your own teachers, guides, angels and divine beings that you connect with in your spiritual practice who you attune to, to guide you in meditation. Ask for your guides to come in and assist you as you go through the meditation exercises presented here and also when you are doing your inner work, prayers and personal meditation.

Enjoy the ride!  Dana Carpenter


Dana really helped me develop my meditation techniques and practice.

Roger H., Bethany, OK

Love it!! Looking forward to sharing you with those who aren’t local!!

– Cindy C., OKC, OK

Dana, you are the most innovative teacher of all ….all inclusive always reaching out with kindness and compassion ..Love you forever.

– John K., Bristow, OK

This website will prove to be a place of deep and profound encouragement to people. I see it as a place of respite as well….there are so many in desperate need of inner calmness and you are, and will be, providing that….wow! It is very inspiring!

– B. Wallace, Tulsa, OK

Your website looks very good! I feel it is made for me to follow along at home! Thank you for explaining things in such a clear concise way.

Liz M., Oklahoma City, OK

Love you Dana. You are such a wonderful master teacher. Your service is exemplary. Thanks so much for all you do and all you are to so many. I recommend your classes with all my heart. They are absolutely life changing.

– Belinda C., OKC, OK

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