Because I believe so strongly in the healing power of meditation I began studying and practicing meditation in 1974. My teacher was Audle Allison and I began classes in downtown Oklahoma City at the YMCA. Several of my college buddies from OU were attending these lectures and so I went along for the ride, having no idea where these adventures in the inner world of meditation and introspection would take me.

I began teaching meditation classes at The Unity Spiritual Life Center in Oklahoma City in 2000. We participate in a larger group, Friends of the Lotus, which is comprised of several meditation groups with their roots primarily in the teachings of Audle Allison who passed away in 1988. He was a genius, Master, Adept, Sat Guru, and beloved being who taught numerous meditation techniques from a variety of ancient and modern practices organized in a course of study that we still follow today.

Our meditation school, Teachings of the Masters, has a formal structure of classwork that we use as a basic foundation which includes an introductory meditation practice for those who are new to this type of meditation followed by a series of increasingly advanced classes taking the student deeper into meditation techniques for raising consciousness in the brain, cleaning and clearing the spinal system with Kriya Yoga (based on the practices written about by Paramahansa Yogananda in the book, The Autobiography of a Yogi) and classes in the “lamp-lighting” tradition. Additional classes emphasize developing reference points of deeper consciousness into the beyond states of meditation, deep peace and tranquility. There is a step-by step format in which the techniques of the previous class establish a framework for students to enter the next class that follows.

Students may spend a few months or several years learning and practicing these techniques. The goal is to master the 1000 laws of the universe, clear all your karma, change your habits, beliefs and behavior to become a kind, loving being, light the thousand lights of your Soul, build your spiritual kingdom consciously and wake up to the divine being that you are.

We do not charge for these classes. Our teacher believed that spiritual knowledge should be available to everyone who yearns for it.

The informal portion of our meditation school, Soul Growth and Development, consists of information that has been gifted to me in my own inner journeys and experiences. I want to share these experiences/techniques/energy flows with anyone who is interested. In January 2011 our meditation class was working on setting goals for the year, in particular goals relating to fulfilling our life purpose. We came up with the idea that we would ask in meditation for a “Cosmic Board of Directors”. A group of divine beings, some of whom I knew and some I was previously unaware of, presented themselves to me as my guides and helpers. In later meditations I asked what I should call them and was told, “The Teachings of the Masters”. I have since learned that when I meditate with them individually they have unique information, techniques, advice and guidance for my everyday life. They all have a desire to send/flow the energy vibration of pure love to the people on this planet to help us all to become clear, clean, happy, joyful, blissful, beings full of love. The information shared on this website is taken primarily from the gifts they have shared with me, so that you may experience and receive your own gifts, exactly what you need when you need it.

Recordings of these lectures, meditations and written lecture notes are available here so you may read, listen and meditate at home. The topics will change overtime so download and keep the ones that you are interested in keeping.

There are so many meditation retreats and workshops, beautiful meditative music and healing methods utilizing divine love energy that I wanted to be able to share these with you on the website as well. Enjoy the ride!

Namaste, Dana Carpenter 

January 2018
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