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Friends of the Lotus Fall Retreat Nov 7-8, 2014 - Teachings of the Masters







SPECIAL NOTE:  The Monks that live there are sharing their space with us at no charge but ask that we maintain their sacred space. However, we are asking all attendees to make a generous donation to help them maintain and expanded their facility.  We will discuss at retreat.

This is a Buddhist Temple and we must respect their temple and facilities.

***Please remove shoes before entering the carpeted portion of the meditation area.  We suggest you wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on. There is a designated space for shoes outside the front door in a covered area.

****No food or drinks are allowed in the meditation hall.  You could place your drinks outside with your shoes.

** Smoking:  You can smoke outside away from the buildings.


*SOCIAL TIME:  Please conduct social talking, etc. at the dining facility and/or outside the meditation hall.  We would like to maintain a meditative energy inside the meditation hall. 


CHAIRS:  They have chairs and meditation pads available.  However, you can still bring your meditation chairs and/or lawn chairs as usual.


FOOD:  Vegetarian only (no meat dishes) Potluck lunch, we request you bring what you usually bring for this lunch.  We ask that you have your dish already prepared; mark your dish with your name or mark it as disposable. Please clean the dishes you brought after lunch is over. We all will cleanup kitchen after lunch is over. All fruits need to be already washed, cut up, ready to serve.  There is accessibility for crock pots, one oven, and stove top space, and limited refrigeration space.  The lunch seating area is pretty tight for space, but weather permitting there is ample space outside to eat.  There is no restaurant to eat out for several miles.


We appreciate your conscious responsibility with the potluck to allow the kitchen people to participate in the retreat as well and not left with the burden of cleaning up after everyone.


The lunch room area is about a 50 yard walk from the main temple with parking behind.  If someone is handicapped or needs assistance to get to this area, we will have volunteers to assist, just let us know.


There are 2 rooms available in the main temple area for Darshan (private consultation with meditation teachers).


Mindessence Zen Center, 5400 Garrett Road,

Oklahoma City, OK (405) 424-1788

Directions: East of I-35, come east on NE 63rd St. to N. Coltrane Road and go south to NE 50th and turn left (east) and go to Krauss Rd and turn left (north) and go to the next road turn right (east) and you will see the Zen Center.


When we were in California in June 2014, Tazz, a wonderful friend of my sister, invited me to be interviewed on her radio show about the “Divine Love Download” workshop and discuss the Teachings of the Masters. When you visit the Tazz and Paula Show website, you can listen to recordings of the most amazing spiritual and metaphysical leaders of our time. They have interviewed everybody! Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Greg Braden, James Twyman, Dr. Eric Pearl, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dan Millman, and numerous others. So join in and listen to your heart’s content. The link to my interview is below.

Tazz and Paula interview Dana Carpenter – June 9, 2014

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