We have been doing “Divine Love Download” meditations with the Masters (divine beings who have mastered all of the laws of this planet and now wish to share their knowledge and information with us) for a little over two years. Now when we meditate with them we receive insights and interesting information and meditation/energy techniques. I thought it would be fun to share this information in a blog format so you all could share your comments and experiences also.

In meditation over the past few weeks I have been asking each of the masters what their definition, explanation, and understanding is about “consciousness”. This is what Mary Magdalene shared:

Dana – I had a dream about being in a new reality that was very similar to this reality. I wasn’t supposed to know basic things about how to function in that world (supposed to have forgotten them?) and was treated as such, but I did remember basic things about how to function there. As I woke up the impression I had was a reality inside a reality – like a bubble inside a bubble – like the Russian dolls, smaller and smaller dolls inside larger dolls. So I wondered how do we come to have consciousness? My impressions in and out of sleep – we need a brain and a nervous system to register our consciousness in this body, but these are not our consciousness. Our papers and work data can be stored in files, on our computer hard drive, an external drive, a flash drive, microchip, or in “the cloud”. But without the hardware (our bodies) we can’t retrieve data or look at it or hear it. So what if there is more to our consciousness in “the cloud” (of our soul? Akashic records?) that we have not downloaded to our currently operating retrieval system? How can we retrieve that data? How do we come to have consciousness anyway? What is consciousness?

Mary Magdalene shared, “It is a gift of the creator. Think of our sun as representing the source of consciousness. As bits of the sun’s energy are spit out, like solar flares, they contain this same consciousness of the creator. We are like those solar flares, seeds of consciousness spit out from the sun. Just as we incubate in the pillars of Isun until we become that vibration and return to the center, the sun (creator) sends energy (consciousness) like seeds out to the worlds to be incubated in new energies. We all have new and different experiences depending on where we are sown. When we have mastered or perfected all that we can learn and absorb in the new environment we are gathered back into the source. This is the outbreathing and inbreathing of the universe.

Consciousness is the life spark, a piece of the creator that is in every living thing. Our consciousness is different/unique depending on our experiences and what we have learned, retained, incorporated, perfected, mastered.

Now imagine that you are the creator, the sun. Exhale and outbreathe your consciousness to all the space around you. Register what other sparks of consciousness you encounter and inbreathe (inhale) that energy back into yourself. Does your breath (your extension of consciousness) seem richer, fuller, more expansive as you connect, become aware, register, notice these other sparks of consciousness? Our experience and knowledge and understanding is enriched and expanded by their experience and knowledge and understanding, just as the creator’s consciousness expands through our experience. Now, instead of just noticing as you send consciousness out, add the feeling of pure love into the consciousness you are sending out. This expands your consciousness even more, a fuller, deeper, richer experience. You begin to feel a tenderness in your heart for all living things

The difference between making something mechanical vs. making something alive is the love you put into it – your feeling of precious appreciation and tender regard, your heart and soul so to speak. As you go through your day become more aware, “Am I in the mechanics of this? Or the feeling of this?” When you are operating in the mechanics of the activity it can become mundane and boring. In the feeling of the activity it becomes an ever expanding flow of purpose, interest and intrigue. With one it requires nothing of you but your intellect and knowledge of how to perform the task; with the other it requires you to be an active participant in life. Which do you prefer? Which enhances your soul growth and development?

What is consciousness? The ever expanding loving awareness of the creator. Maybe enlightenment is to become aware of that awareness, to live from that awareness, to live in that awareness.”

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