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Divine Love

We have been doing “Divine Love Download” meditations with the Masters (divine beings who have mastered all of the laws of this planet and now wish to share their knowledge and information with us) for a little over two years. Now when we meditate with them we receive insights and interesting information and meditation/energy techniques. I thought it would be fun to share this information in a blog format so you all could share your comments and experiences also.

In meditation over the past few weeks I have been asking each of the masters what their definition, explanation, understanding is about the energy of “divine love” that we are receiving in the meditations. This is what Jesus/Christ/Yeshua shared:

What is divine love Yeshua?

“The way you feel when you hear beautiful music.

The way you feel when you are on top of a mountain looking down at pristine snow with sunlight making sparkles on the surface.

It is diving deep into the ocean and seeing the beautiful colors of tropical fish and coral.

It’s the way you feel when you hug your partner and stay in that embrace for awhile.

It’s the way your dog feels when she thumps her tail when she sees you first thing in the morning.

Compare these feelings to the way you feel when you are working at a job that has become a burden and holds no joy or reward for you anymore. It is the opposite of divine love – empty. It has become more about getting through the day…more about endurance than the pleasure of accomplishment. The work may still be interesting but it is uncomfortable for you to be there in that environment. You feel unprotected from the barbs and ‘behind your back’ attacks of co-workers. You don’t feel safe or appreciated for all of the time and effort you have expended over the many years of working there.

So, we have choices. Live your life and do your work filled with awe and wonder in divine love or work in uncomfortable, unprotected madness. Which do you prefer?

To be able to be outside, to be in beauty, smelling and admiring flowers, walking by the lake or in the woods with those you love is wonderful. To be cooped up in a building all day, everyday, without time to take a break gets old really fast. One lifestyle heals you, the other destroys you. One makes you feel young, happy, healthy, timeless. One makes you feel tired, depressed and getting older every day. Divine love sustains you, enriches you, enlivens you, and allows you to flourish and open up like a flower – expressing all you can be joyously. The other squelches you, confines you, compresses you, and belittles you until you retreat and hide away inside yourself where nobody can see or experience your wonder – not even you. A slow soul death to remain there.

How does your body feel? Healthy, active, rested, flexible, with more endurance than you thought you had? Versus tired, tight and tense. Does your body feel capable of taking on new challenges? Or does it feel as though you could not possibly take on one more thing?

When we are living in divine love it is much easier for us to allow others to also express themselves and be free to enjoy their lives. When we ourselves feel restricted by our daily environment we are more likely to judge others for not following the rules. We may become more critical and dictatorial and begin to restrict others too. Our unconscious orders to them, “Be more structured, more restricted and confined, more in line, and follow the rules like me!” Divine love expresses through everyone differently, so allow each person to find what that is for them.”

Yeshua what does divine love mean to you?

“That connection to my Father, the source, the oneness.”

Can we cultivate that?

“The more you go into it, the more you stay in it, the more you live and operate there, the more you incorporate it into your being, the more you will cultivate it into your life consciously. This is what Audle called “Christ Love”. When you are in this state of divine love you don’t want to hurt anyone, you can forgive more easily, you don’t feel the need to be better than someone else. You want to share, not hoard. “

Yeshua is there anything else?

“More later”.

Thank you.

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