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In meditation over the past few weeks I have been asking each of the masters what their definition, explanation, understanding is about the energy of “divine love” that we are receiving in the meditations. This is what Nirvananada/Audle Allison shared:

Audle what is divine love?

“It is a tangible energy force field – getting stronger every day. You can feel it, experience it as a physical sensation. It is the gathering up and harnessing of pure vibrational energy concentrated into a flow, a movement of pure love streaming from the source of creation. It is tuning up and raising the vibration of everything on the planet. When you blend with that energy you become it…you ARE it. It begins to flow through your veins, your lymphatic system, your breath, up and down your spine, into your muscles and joints, out your hands and feet. It is for everyone – but not everyone is aware of it. Some people are encased in a shell or shield, which keeps them separate from this pure vibration of love. They are closed off, isolated, and withdrawn.

Dripping of this divine consciousness onto the hard shell begins to soften it and the shell will eventually open up to receive this beautiful vibration of love. No one will be left out or left behind who desires to become one with this pure love vibration. It does not need to be a conscious desire for this connection – although that can help facilitate a smooth, glorious experience. There can also be a desire from the soul that may not be a conscious decision of the personality.

So, if you choose to be immersed in this pure vibration of love, let it soak into all your cells, into all of your bodies like a soft rain falling on you. Allow yourself to become drenched! Once you are filled with this divine love vibration direct it wherever you need it to go for healing and restoration. Direct it to your eyes (silently affirm “whatever you need” for each body site), your ears, your teeth, your brain, your stomach, and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Sweep this energy up and down your bodies to see what is needed and send this energy to that location to fulfill that need.

Some metaphysical and spiritual techniques and energies are only built and developed in those seekers and practitioners with years of dedicated and devoted service to that specific discipline. The downpouring of divine love is freely available to everyone.

This energy vibration of divine love will eventually encircle this planet in a more condensed, concentrated version – like a layer of insulation against forces of the universe impacting this planet. We will all be supersaturated with this divine love energy.”

So why expose people, allow it, present it to people now?

“It is like making jello, or chocolate pudding or gravy – we don’t want any lumps that don’t dissolve. We want a smooth, homogeneous, coherent flow of this pure energy – no resistance, no lumps, no holes in the energy field.”

Are we being brainwashed then?

“You have already been brainwashed – we are removing that programming.”

Why couldn’t we know about this love vibration before (the way we are learning about it now)?

“Too much for people to work out – they had to do their work. They needed some difficulty for that to happen. Now it is time to reap all that you have sown and move into another way of being – beautiful, peaceful, expansive, filled with awe and wonder, and appreciation for this amazing existence that we have. Sort of like you’ve been taking a timed exam and now the time is up. You have to turn your paper in whether you have answered all of the questions or not. Time to move on to a new subject.”

What is that subject?

“Universal awareness, universal life – like moving from a small grade school attended by all of the kids in your neighborhood to a large college campus in another state or country where you don’t know anyone but you know that you will receive an amazing education and have a fantastic adventure. 

When will this happen in earth time?

“It is already happening but it will take a long time to complete.” 

Why are some individuals receiving this now?

“The veils between dimensions are becoming very thin. Those who are able to discern energy, life forms or activity in other realms or dimensions of consciousness are experiencing this vibration of divine love. It is not new, just much less impeded than it used to be. It will become clearer and clearer and more powerful with less resistance and fewer impediments to its transmission.” 

So some of us are more aware of it. Are we receiving this as a gift? Do we have some role to play in its distribution?

“The sun shines on everyone and everything. The rain falls and nourishes everything. The stars are there for everyone to observe and ponder. The beauty of nature is all around us – flowers, trees, lakes, rainbows, sunsets – but not everyone ‘sees’ or appreciated them. ‘For those with eyes to see and ears to hear’. Naturalists, artists, biologists, philosophers, ecologists, poets, musicians, and photographers…all lovers of nature express themselves and share the beauty of the world, inspiring others to take notice and enjoy. So those who can tune into and immerse themselves in the vibration of divine love can share this experience with others so they may also experience it. It is not a heavy-duty responsibility but a loving sharing of joyful experience.”

Audle what else would you like to share with us about divine love?

“Lighten up! Allow your whole countenance to become lighter, as in less heavy and also more filled with light – brighter. Turn those things that seem like they are heavy burdens of responsibility into a light-hearted joy-filled experience. Change them, transform them or spend less time doing them so that the majority of your life, your time, attention and energy is spent in light-hearted activities that bring you happiness and build love and joy in your life. Less time is spent in drudgery. That does not mean that you don’t follow through with your responsibilities – you just transform the performance of your responsibilities into an enjoyable activity. This is very important for your health and welfare and your spiritual growth and development. Turn something that you hate into something that you love.”



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