Opening the Heart Part Two

Opening the Heart – Part II

Opening the Heart Part 2 - Teachings of the Masters

Part II guides us deeper into the heart with additional meditative practices that allow us to gain a greater understanding of the principles we were introduced to in Part I. The information covered in Part I in a general way will be addressed in more specific ways, tailored to your personal experiences and understanding.



Gifts to the Heart
In this process you have the opportunity to engage in deeply personal practices based on the guidance received by participants of the Twenty-nine days Gifts to the Heart experience.

In this process you will:

  • Experience the full power of your divine energy flow throughout your being by learning to breathe consciousness into yourself and remove additional restrictions/limitations from the heart
  • Experience what it means to spend “time and attention”
  • Learn to be genuine, authentic, honest and truthful with yourself
  • Remove shame and ridicule from your energy field in order to experience the fullness of existence
  • Experience pure heart energy exchange without mental commentary
  • Learn to join all of your energy forces to work together with the heart as one
  • Dive deep into the source of love and become that love
  • Learn to move deeply into silence and be still


What happens to the heart when we are in a state of un-forgiveness? It causes a disruption in the smooth, coherent energy field of love we have been building.

In this process you will:

  • Learn to assess/scan the energy field of the heart
  • Practice techniques to release negative disruptive energies of un-forgiveness (anger, resentment, blame)
  • Infuse your energy field with forgiveness


Expanding the Heart
In this practice you will:

  • Go to the “source” of creation in a meditative state
  • Receive assistance to remove burdens, regrets, grief and sorrow from your heart
  • Learn to expand the opened heart by taking in additional love and light in increments
  • Join together with workshop participants in an act of service to the world by sharing this expanded energy of love in your heart
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