The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go - Teachings of the Masters

What do we mean by “letting go”? Letting go is being willing to disconnect your heart from that which you love – dis-engage it – to turn towards something new and unknown.

In the Art of Letting Go workshop you will:

  • Learn to tune into the consciousness of adept masters and develop a deeper understanding about what it means to “let go”
  • Determine when it is in our best interest to let go
  • Develop a daily practice for releasing stagnant energy
  • Build and activate a “Merkaba” body to clear old energy patterns from your timeline
  • Clear the energy of resentment from your energy field and reclaim “lost” energy previously tied-up in resentment
  • Clear fear not only from present day but also from your ancestral line
  • Receive written meditation processes to facilitate continuing these practices on your own!
  • Receive post-workshop assistance with meditation practices!



The Art of Letting Go, A Step-by-Step practice for Releasing Stagnation
Letting go is the key to moving into your future. You cannot have one foot in your old way of being and be fully present in the NOW!

In this practice you will:

  • Learn to identify which things you are ready to release
  • Retrieve your energy stores that have been hidden in stagnant situations
  • Receive guidance from the consciousness of adept masters about releasing and receiving energy
  • Develop a daily practice for letting go of that which no longer serves you in a positive way


Releasing Resentment, Reclaiming What has been Lost
Resentment is about being discounted, overlooked, unacknowledged or seeing those you love discounted. It is about not being valued or appreciated for all of the blood sweat and tears you have invested in something – in fact the kudos go to another person who has done nothing! Resentment – your diligent efforts are thwarted without any regard for the effect it has on you. You are of no regard. All of the passionate, creative energy that we have tied up in these thwarted ventures can cause us to feel a sense of loss and hopelessness.

In this practice you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding about resentment and the effect it has on your body and energy field
  • Retrieve your lost creative energy that has been tied up in thwarted events from present day and back through generations
  • Reclaim you passion and creativity to complete what you are here to do!


I Refuse to Let Fear Interfere

As long as we feel fearful and need to be in charge or in control of our lives, we will never be able to let go enough to feel calm and peaceful. If we can’t feel calm and peaceful we will never experience the feeling of the flow of divine love to its fullest.


In this practice you will:

  • Increase your awareness of the effects that fear has on your bodies and your energy field
  • Participate in a meditative activity to decrease fear and increase safety and security
  • Practice Letting Go of Fear exercise on a regular basis to dissolve fears and eventually transform your fears into sources of happiness and joy


Clearing Fear From Your Ancestral Line

This is a simple guided meditation to remove fear from your life and from your Mother’s and Father’s genetic line. In the meditation you are given the opportunity to return to the time you were seeded as a soul and make a decision to live your life without fear.

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