What does the Soul Want?

What does the Soul Want?

What does the Soul Want? - Teachings of the Masters 

How do we know what our soul’s purpose is? How do we find out? The presumption is that living our soul’s purpose will help us feel that our lives have meaning – that we are really accomplishing something valuable and meaningful. That we have gifts and talents and specific life experiences for a reason.

When we ask the question “What does the soul want?” we are accessing that higher broader perspective about not only our actions now and how they affect our lives but also to determine whether we are doing everything we can to complete the perfect pattern of our soul.

In the What Does the Soul Want? workshop you will:

  • Engage in a process to review your life goals, hopes and dreams, and gain perspective
    • Do I like where my life is heading?
    • Am I happy with my soul growth and development?
    • Do I have a clear sense of why I am on the planet at this time?
    • Do I feel good about the type of person I have become?
    • On my deathbed will I be pleased with the life that I have led?
  • Participate in meditation and introspective processes to determine where your life influences come from
    • Determine how much authority these influences they have over you
    • Discover through introspection whether the choices you make about career, relationships, goals, and dreams are really your own. Or are you reacting to unconscious influences such as social or societal expectations, family traditions and values, religious upbringing, your genetic make-up, past personal experiences, social media propaganda, or your life long unexamined habits?
  • Learn a practice for tapping into an aspect of yourself that wants nothing from you – your soul
  • Receive guidance from your soul that can direct you to keep on track with those beliefs and activities that support your knowledge of who you are and why you are here – in a happy, joyful, caring, and rewarding way.
  • Receive written meditation processes to facilitate continuing these practices on your own!
  • Receive post-workshop assistance with meditation practices!



Walk in Beauty Meditation   This simple but profound meditation brings the Hopi poem, “Beauty in front of me, beauty behind me, beauty to the right of me, beauty to the left of me, beauty above me, beauty below me, I walk in beauty” alive.

In this process you will:

  • Learn to receive this sweet delicate vibration of beauty through all of your senses
  • Practice sending this beautiful vibration throughout and around your body for healing and balancing
  • Receive a recipe for a high frequency balm of essential oils which you will apply to your body for healing and incorporate into your meditation

Walk in Harmony with the Earth   A process for blending the energy of your soul into your body and down into Mother Earth

In this process you will:

  • Receive a powerful meditation technique for moving the energy of your soul into your body and down into Mother Earth reinforcing your role as the bridge between Heaven and Earth.
  • Practice being of service to the planet by flowing this powerful energy of compassion into Mother Earth

Waterfall Cleansing Meditation   This is a simple but profound meditation for cleansing, healing, harmonizing and balancing the body. It is perfect for a daily meditation practice to restore and rejuvenate yourself.

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